TripAdvisor reviewer slams Welsh lake for not having a McDonald’s nearby

The outdoorsy life certainly isn’t for everyone, but if you’re planning a trip to somewhere like North Wales, which is known for its rugged landscape and hiking routes, you should probably know what you’re letting yourself in for.

Sadly, one visitor failed to do exactly that, and has left people baffled after leaving a scathing review of a Welsh lake for being “too cold” and not having a McDonald’s. Seriously.

The TripAdvisor reviewer, who appears to hail from Newcastle-upon-Tyne, took to the website to complain about Llyn Geirionydd, in Conwy, North Wales.

According to North Wales Live, the mile-long lake covers an area of 45 acres on the northern edge of the Gwydyr Forest and below the slopes of the Carneddau mountains, which usually leaves visitors in awe of the natural beauty, but not everyone was impressed.

“Visited this lake in the middle of summer but I was still cold. What’s the deal?!?! Had to go up and down a lot of hills to get there. AND NO SIGNAL?! ALSO THERE WERE TOO MANY ROCKS,” the reviewer wrote.

“I wanted a McDonalds but there wasn’t one anywhere. How am I supposed to eat out to help out if there isn’t a McDonalds anywhere?! I also would have been okay with an appropriate alternative like KFC or Burger King or even Subway.

“It did look nice but that distracted me and I capsized my kayak which was very distressing. Thank you Wales Gods that I got out alive.”

The hilariously bad review is akin to when a TripAdvisor reviewer described Ben Nevis, the highest mountain in Britain, as being “too high.”

“After going up mount Snowdon by train in Wales I’d forgotten just how high some mountains can get. And they don’t come much higher than this one – that’s for sure. LOL,” they wrote.

“This was almost a FULL day’s climbing and my girlfriend was crying at one point.”