LuLu Group’s Yusuff Ali Pays Rs 1 Crore Blood Money To Save Kerala Man In UAE

AKerala-based man who was sentenced to death by the top court of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), found a saviour in LuLu group chairman Yusuff Ali.

The 65-year-old billionaire, who was also born in Kerala, has paid around Rs 1 crore to free Becks Krishnan who was languishing in a UAE jail after being convicted in a 2012 road accident case.

Krishnan, who hails from Kerala’s Thrissur, was jailed in September 2012 after he hit a Sudanese boy with his car in Abu Dhabi. The authorities then found him guilty of reckless driving after inspecting the CCTV footage, and taking eyewitness’ account. The UAE Supreme Court sent shockwaves to Krishnan’s family by imposing the death penalty on him.

Fearing for their son’s life, Krishnan’s family made several unsuccessful attempts to free him from the death sentence. The Sudenese victim’s family also returned to their homeland, making things more complicated for Krishnan.

However, when nothing worked, the family pleaded to the LuLu group chairman Yusuff Ali for help. After knowing the family’s situation, the NRI businessman agreed to help, and directed his team to locate the family in Sudan. The only option for Krishnan’s release was if the Sudanese family pardoned him and informed the court.

After years of persuasion, the family of the deceased Sudanese boy agreed to return to Abu Dhabi and hold discussions for Krishnan’s release. The LuLu group team finally managed to convince the victim’s family to pardon Krishnan in return of AED 5,00,000 (around Rs 1 crore) as blood money.

In January 2021, Yusuff Ali paid the full amount after a Supreme Court order in UAE. Krishan is expected to get out of jail this week and reunite with his family in Kerala.

Krishnan said he feels he has been given a new life, and the first thing he wants to do after getting released is to meet his saviour.

A multi-billionaire, Yusuff Ali runs hundreds of hypermarket stores and shopping malls under Lulu group.