Woman left unimpressed after cocktail looks nothing like what she ordered

One woman was left feeling less than impressed after her cocktail looked nothing like the Instagram advert.

Nurse Morgan Gillies ordered the Chasing Unicorns cocktail from Candy Bar in Edinburgh but was left disappointed by the £5 drink.

Morgan from Addiewell, West Lothian, went viral after sharing a jokey post of the drink on Instagram, compared to what she received.

The cocktail was advertised as being made with Bombay Sapphire, St Germain, watermelon, bubble gum, citrus, candy floss, and glitter.

Images from the bar’s page show the glass filled to the brim with a section of red, yellow and turquoise sections and filled with crushed ice.

A fizzy rainbow sweet has been placed on the top alongside a large clump of pink candy floss.

Images of what Morgan was given shows a 3/4 full glass of orange coloured liquid with a layer of candy floss balanced across the top of the glass.

Disappointed with her order, Morgan jokily tweeted: “Looks the same right enough.”

The post has now racked up more than 7,000 likes, hundreds of retweets and dozens of comments from people who were shocked by the difference.

One advised: “They are well known for making the drinks in Instagram posts look amazing but nothing like what you actually get.

“I could name at least six places in Edinburgh that do far better cocktails.

Another joked: “Insta vs reality if I’ve ever seen it.”

A third said: “I would take it back and get the barman to make it again, while one replied: “The pure lack of effort.”

Another social media user shared an image of their unfortunate order of the Chasing Unicorns cocktail which also came as a large disappointment.

Iona Blair shared a photo showing her bleak-looking cocktail, writing: What the hell”.

Fraser Kyle, operations manager of Candy Bar Edinburgh, Montpellier Ltd, said that the cocktail was advertised falsely.

He said: “Marketing used an old stock image. They have been told not to use this.

“The spec of the drink was changed prior to closure last October.

“Obviously we’ve only been open now for six weeks since the end of the forced Government closure.

“Any issues with the product itself we will review the product spec and retrain the staff accordingly.”