Glaringly obvious Freaky Friday stunt double blunder no one noticed

A Freaky Friday fan has noticed a hilarious filming blunder that was never edited out.

The 2003 comedy follows Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan as mum and daughter Anna and Tess who are constantly bickering.

But after a fortune cookie causes them to switch bodies and live a day in the other person’s shoes, they start to get along – and just in time for Tess’s wedding.

In a scene at the end of the film, Anna’s little brother Harry, played by Ryan Malgarini, is sitting with their grandad (Harold Gould) when he’s spotted by the caterer about to open a cookie.

Before the two experience the same fate as Tess and Anna, they’re tackled to the ground by a waiter.

But TikToker Gabbie Nicole noticed that the actor playing Harry isn’t Ryan, but an adult stunt double.

Stunned by the revelation, she captioned the clip: “I have no words.”

Since being posted, the video has racked up more than 530,000 likes and thousands of comments from people who couldn’t believe they hadn’t spotted the blunder before.

One person said: “How did you notice that??! That was so fast lol.”

Another wrote: “I just laughed so loud lmao.”

Whilst a third put: “Bruh why didn’t they get at least like a young-looking 20-year-old or something??”

“What in the world! How have I never seen this! I’ve seen this movie so many times!!” wrote another baffled viewer.

One user was convinced that the stunt double was the same as a scene in the Christmas classic Home Alone.